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Do not purchases form this company! They are crooks and will take your money with no regards to your wellbeing.

They do not want to make good for anyone for any reason. If you have a problem forget about getting it fixed. Many emails were sent back and forth. Nice tone and all came with assurances that they would make my transaction right and refund me my monies.

To this day almost three full months later, I have not yet received my refund. They have done nothing and I do not have my promised monies back. I think I have spent more time trying to get my monies back then it is worth but it is the principle of the transaction that is the problem. I would never buy from this company again even if my life depended upon it.

No way no how, I would never use this brand again. They do have other subsidiaries that are also part of the company. I would stay away from them too if they are anything like this one. I would rather go to the dentist then have to deal with the customer service for this company.

I find it unconscionable that any company who states they want to satisfy their customer would treat anyone this way. Even the bunk about the safe purchase with BuySafe, that is on the website is not true as efaucets pushed the time out beyond the date of the guarantee so it would be void.

They know what they are doing and they are ripping people off left and right. STAY AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN!

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