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The following is a listing of events leaving me with an extreme level of frustration with this company. I have attempted to fix it via their “Customer Service” pathways to little avail.

In late August/early September, 2015, I ordered over $1600 of Kohler plumbing fixtures. Included in that order was a tub with shower walls, listed as Kohler/Sterling 711401220-96. Over the ensuing months, most of that purchase was delivered in proper order with no problem.

As a separate shipment, because of the size, the tub and shower walls were to be delivered by common carrier directly from the distributor, “Your Other Warehouse”, via their chosen trucking company.

The initial delivery of the tub/shower walls was made to a site across town from my address. That company’s people were kind enough to contact the carrier, YRC (Yellow Freight) to tell them of the mis-delivery, and contact me also.

That mis-delivery of the tub/shower walls was delivered to my address with hidden damage to the shower walls. That problem was e-mailed to “Customer Service.” Pictures of the damage were e-mailed to them with a resolution that new shower walls would be sent.

After a rather extended time, another shipment was AGAIN sent to the SAME wrong address across town, delivered by the same carrier, but refused by that company.

The next day, the order was delivered to my address, without previous notification. My daughter signed for the order, not knowing anything about its contents. I was not available to verify it was the proper delivery. Upon inspection, I found a tub had been delivered, WITH NO SHOWER WALLS. I again e-mailed efaucent customer service about the problem.

What ensued were a series of e-mails with little substance. Just a lot of “I contacted some guy. Who contact another guy. Who contacted someone else,” but nothing positive to fix this.

After again, an extended time, with NO follow-up from, another delivery was made from “Your Other Warehouse”. Again the delivery was a tub, WITH NO SHOWER WALLS. This delivery was refused by me. Subsequent e-mail contact with has gotten no return solution to this now 4 month problem.

Attempts at hard copy mailing complaints to the company have been made. Those mailings to the company management of Nick Fox, Michael Fox, and Dispute Resolution manager Tammy Finnely have been unanswered.

This has got to be the worst internet purchase site ever. Their “customer service” site is totally non-responsive both in actual reaction to complaints and explanation of their intended action via e-mail. Verbal contact with the “customer service” site is a joke. I have tried that contact several times, only to be put on hold while they “check with the warehouse.” The hold has been for 30 to 45 minutes with no return to answer my problem.

It is hard to believe this company has a Better Business Bureau rating of anything but HORRIBLE.

After no return contact from, I AGAIN phoned their Customer Service and was told that another order of shower walls was to be delivered in early February. With a six month limit on a complaint via PayPal, in order to protect myself, I processed a complaint to their Resolution Center and escalated it for investigation just before the six month limit.

It is hard to believe this company has a Better Business Bureau rating of anything but HORRIBLE.

Finally, after six months of waiting with absolutely NO delivery contact from efaucet that it would be delivered, a YRC truck pulled into my street. Luckily the delivery was the proper part, but again there was box damage. The damage to the part was on the inside wall, not visible on the shower side, so I accepted the delivery.

There is more than enough blame to go around to all the players in this ridiculous situation, but most of it must center on The delivery of any part via common carrier lacks coordination between seller, supplier, carrier and buyer. Customer service by is a joke. Any prospective customer of this site should recognize these potential areas of concern and temper their purchases. Low prices are great, but a six month wait for proper delivery is not acceptable.

This reviewer shared experience about order processing issue and wants this business to "my problem was solved with many hours on the phone and a resolve to not be screwed by these people. others should be aware of this problems before they make a purchase decision". The author is overall dissatisfied with Efaucets and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about kohler tub from Efaucets was customer service and shipping , but reviewer liked price. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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